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[flb] [Jun. 12th, 2011|10:12 am]
Francesca Lia Block Community


Thank you, Twitter!

By chance, I stumbled upon a RT of a happening going down at the Cambridge Public Library on Saturday. It was a chance to meet Francesca Lia Block. I never really thought about meeting her before, but I spent a large portion of my life obsessed with the woman. I always checked the Half-Price Bookstore for her books. I read everything & anything I could get my hands on by her. She introduced me to zines!

I love that I met her at a library, because I found her at a library. Randomly picking up Dangerous Angels, I believe, while at the downtown branch of the Dallas Public Library.

She was sweet, insightful and inspirational! I love that she's down to earth & still in love with writing. It was quite the contradiction to a lot of the published writers I met in college.

She's holding a creative writing workshop today in Jamaica Plain, MA. I'm attending! I haven't workshopped since 2005. So surreal. I'm semi-embarrassed. Like I can't bring in this shit writing because Francesca Lia Block will be reading it. I wasn't sure I had anything to bring in as I've been focused on flash fiction for awhile now. I decided to go back and read my novel-in-a-month. The first time I've looked back on it since I wrote it in February 2010. I made some changes and it's not bad. It's rough, folks, it's rough. I still think it's embarrassing and probably has too much telling instead of showing. I feel like she's going to look at it and discourage me from ever typing another sentence. Maybe all writers feel this way going back into workshop. It's weird to be a student again even if just for an afternoon. Oh, the jitters.

[User Picture]From: cyndi_lauper
2013-01-22 05:56 pm (UTC)
So how did the workshop go?
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